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I still have some of these books by Jim Devlin! If you want to really learn about all the benefits that bee pollen has proven for some people, the nutritional value, the history of and the collection of bee pollen, these books you would enjoy! The easier read is "Honeybee Pollen and the New You". "To your best Health, Naturally" really digs deeper about health and the importance that good nutrition can have in your life. "Mr. Bee Pollen Himself" gives a very good history of bee pollen through the years, and the history of bee pollen in Jim Devlin's life. 

I had first heard about bee pollen on a radio show that Jim Devlin was speaking on! What he was saying really intrigued me, and sparked me to try it, and to have my husband try it as he had very bad allergies. The bee pollen benefited both of us! It took away his allergy episodes and I claim it gives me the energy that I have. Propolis has also benefited me I feel in helping prevent and fight off various illnesses. If you feed your body right (give it the nutrients it needs) it will greatly benefit your health and well being I feel.

"Mr. Bee Pollen, Himself", $8.95

"Honey Bee Pollen and the New You", $9.95

"To your Best Health, Naturally", $10.95


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